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Download and print the Camp Juliena Staff Form 2019 (PDF)

Who are the counselors?

With the exception of our Camp Youth Juliena junior staff members, all of our carefully selected counselors are 18 years of age or older. They are committed to helping campers discover their potential and learn new skills. Most importantly, they serve as positive role models who lead by example.

Junior Counselor Program

Teen Camp Juliena attendees who possess exceptional leadership and creative skills also have the chance to participate in our Youth Camp Juliena Junior Counselor Program. The program offers a wonderful opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing teenagers to share their knowledge and skills with younger campers. To apply, individuals must complete and submit an application form and questionnaire.

Information: Volunteers are required to attend the trainings described below and may be asked to participate in additional training other or both Camp Juliena sessions begin.

The Director will notify volunteers with instructions and materials. Volunteer applicants will be contacted to set up an interview at the director’s discretion. Volunteers accepted for Youth Camp Juliena are required to attend a half day training at Camp Viola.

Volunteers are not allowed to leave camp facilities without permission from the Director during the camp week.

NOTES: ALL Volunteers must pass a background check to be considered. Signing below gives Camp Juliena permission to obtain your legal records.

Camp Juliena has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on child abuse and bullying.