How and why Camp Juliena formed?  Why under GACHI (Now Georgia Center of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing)?

One day in 1991, Eleanor and Pat were discussing about the deaf and hard of hearing children being mainstreamed and isolated in the public schools all over Georgia.  They need support, socialization, increase their self-esteem with their own peers. We agreed that we need to set up a camp for them and at the spur of the moment, decided to go ahead and take the risk to set it up. Our first camp was in 1992.

Pat had experience in setting up camps for deaf-blind adults in Oregon. So she developed the policy and procedures, forms, etc. and to find a place for camp. Eleanor agreed to do the fund raising and recruitment.

Eleanor ran the camp for 8 years with assistant or co-directors and Pat was the co-director only for the first two years.  She continued to support and assisted with CJ until Eleanor retired and CJ ownership was transferred to GACHI (Ga Council of the Hearing Impaired) in the Fall of 2000.

Originally GAD supported us and the camp and then Camp Juliena became independent after it acquired 501c3 and became incorporated. When Eleanor retired after 8 years, CJ Board decided that for CJ to continue and its future to be secure it would be best to be under GACHI, currently is now the Georgia Center for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing.

Why picked Juliena?

We decided to keep it simple.  It’s a camp for the deaf and hard of hearing.  So Pat researched for different names associated with Deaf – Cherokee had lived in North Georgia and they had their own language.  Pat contacted Cherokee Nation in Oklahoma and asked if they have a word for “deaf”.  It was Juliena. 

Which campground you first used?

Will-A-Way Recreation Area in Fort Yargo State Park, Winder, Georgia ( Youth for 11 years and Teen for 6 years) In 2004, Youth Camp moved to Camp John Hope, Ft. Valley, Georgia for 1 year (due to camp renovation) and then from 2005 to present at Camp Viola, Mountville, GA.

Teen Camp – Camp Lookout, Rising Fawn, Georgia, begin 2000 to 2016.

How many campers you got at first year?

9 Teens, 9 Volunteers, 2 Co-Directors

24 Youths, 16 Volunteers, 2 Co-Directors 

How much it cost per camper at first year?

$100 per campers and $20 registration

How many volunteers you got at first year?

25 Volunteers 

Who funded Camp Juliena at first year?

Sertoma Club

Why have two separate groups like youth and teen?

First year was a pilot year – we began with 2 separate camps.  Then due to small number of campers, it was changed to 1 camp for both youth and teen.

What activities Camp Juliena had at first year with each group?

Swimming, fishing, pontooning, charades, arts & crafts, paddle boating, canoeing, treasure hunting and miniature golfing.